Momentum Sponsors Strummerfest

Momentum Partnership’s project, Garment Street Condos was delighted to be a sponsor of Strummerfest. The public gathered in Waterloo Town Square over the Civic holiday weekend on Aug 3rd and 4th to listen to 20 amazing local bands, all performing in lieu of a great cause.

Some of the performances included: Heirs, Jesse Weber, Skylar Valli, Rose Cora Perry + The Truth Untold, The Baudelaires, Holy Smokes, Dead Sould, The Essential Letdowns, Copper Crown and the Wormwood Scrubs.

Strummerfest helps to bring awareness and support for Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council + Your Life Counts, this year they have also expanded to include House of Friendship. As Strummerfest so eloquently states, “The  value of the work performed by these organizations, and the hope and support  they provide to struggling individuals and families, cannot be overstated. We  are very pleased to be able to contribute all net proceeds to these organizations. Strummerfest is entirely non-profit, particularly with respect to  its organizers who are all volunteers, and most bands perform at discounted rates or for no fee at all”.

As a key part of Kitchener-Waterloo, Momentum has shaped the region since 2006 as a builder, business and contributor to events like these that bring attention to important issues in our community.

Big thank you to Michael Clifton and all the organizers that made this event happen, we look forward to what next year has in store. For more info on this event visit their website. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here.

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