One Victoria: Fall 2014 Update

An update from the One Victoria Condominium Sales and Customer Service Team:

Tremendous progress has been made at One Victoria over the past few months and for that we are thankful. Days are only going to start getting colder and shorter as we move out of October.

For the past few months, there have been upwards of 60-70 contractors on site daily with the majority of them focused on formwork and plumbing. To date, roughly 7,500 cubic meters of concrete have been poured. Over the next few weeks the podium itself will be completed and construction of the tower will begin. The tower floors will be built much faster – a floor every six or seven work days is expected. This means that the entire superstructure should be complete by late spring – assuming that the winter months don’t throw us a curveball.

Forming/pouring of the 5th floor shear walls and columns is now complete. While the construction methodology is much of the same as the superstructure goes up, many new trades will be joining the existing contractors over the next few months. For instance, as soon as the roof deck of the podium is completed, windows and roofing will follow shortly thereafter. It really won’t be long before the interior finishes are being completed. In fact, steel studding of the residential units is scheduled for early in the New Year.

Please note, we will be closing the Presentation Centre at 16 Victoria St N and opening a new selection center at 42 Bridgeport Rd E in Waterloo in late November. We look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!

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